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Hearts + Minds Yoga is an exclusive, private space in Fayetteville, Arkansas dedicated to accessible yoga instruction for all people.  At Hearts + Minds, I do a few public yoga classes per week, and mostly give private yoga instruction.

The yoga I teach is very different from what you might find around the area.

How is it different?

Well, it’s yoga designed to make you feel better.  More specifically I do some movements that facilitate stronger, healthier joints..that maybe aren’t even technically “yoga.”  We actually don’t even do that much stretching…because well, stretching isn’t what 99.9% of us need to get out of pain.  This yoga helps you in real life do the other stuff you want:  play with your pets/kids/grandkids, have more energy, and even reach for something in the back seat of your car and not get a massive neck and shoulder cramp.

Oh, so it’s like real easy?


I have more questions…  

Email me already…


We are located inside the Edge School of Massage at

97 Colt Square in Fayetteville, AR.


Starting December 1:

Tuesdays: GENTLE – 5:30pm


Bodywork and Massages are booked by appointment.

Email or Call (479)387-7988 for appointment availability.

Class Descriptions:

GENTLE:  a yoga class incorporating breath and movement to help you ground and relax.  There will be minimal weight-bearing on hands and exploration of healthy range of motion.

Classes are appropriate for all levels.


$70 per hour / $35 for 30 minutes

Lomi Lomi:

$135 for 90 min.

$10 per class

Private Instruction:

Rate: $50 per hour (discount for massage therapists and massage therapy students)
Contact Me for more information.
We accept Cash, Check, and Credit/Debit

Good Things to Know
You may bring your own mat, and we also have mats here you may use for no charge.
All classes are at room temperature.  You may want to dress in layers depending on your comfort level.
Take the time to unplug by silencing (or better yet, forgetting) your phone.